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pussy game unstoppable


pussy game unstoppable


So my neighbors got angry at me once and asked me to not practice after 11 PM. I said fine, because I am a nice person.

They started vacuuming at 10:57ish. I waited until it was 11PM on the dot, and then broke out my violin. This is the first time in my life that a Bach sarabande has ever been used as an instrument of revenge.


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Recap: Hamas didn’t kidnap the 3 Israelis. Hamas abided by an 18-month ceasefire. Israel broke the ceasefire repeatedly, bombed Gaza, pummeled the West Bank, and murdered more than 1000 Palestinians.

me as a radio dj

  • me: hey party people up next is a recording of me weeping and eating spaghetti while watching breaking bad


my grandpa planted lots of different flowers in his garden just before he died without telling my grandma and she put his ashes in the garden because he loved it so much and then all these beautiful flowers just kept appearing for like 2 years like he was still gardening i think it’s a really sweet story


i want a shirt that says β€œeat or die” because at first it sounds rebellious but its just a reminder